Emalahleni Municipality commemorates world aids day and 16 days of activism.

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Emalahleni Local Municipality held world aids day and 16 days of activism at Dordrecht to show support and solidarity to those living with HIV and to increase awareness, improve education about HIV/AIDS and remind people that HIV is still an active problem and there are many things that can still be done to help and prevent the spread of this virus. The Department of Health, Correctional Services, Social Development and Special Programmes, Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, South African Social Security Agency, women forum, South African Council of Churches, men’s sector, Africare and Ruth women program were among the stakeholders that played a pivotal role in ensuring that the event was a success and every day is an awareness day.


Hundreds of the community members were gathered at Dordrecht youth centre to engage on important health issues affecting society at large and to participate on the activities of the day.


This was an opportunity for people from ward 11 and ward 14 as they were identified by department of health during plenary as the two wards within the jurisdiction of Emalahleni Local Municipality that are facing high rate of HIV, STI’s, high rate of crime and treatment defaults.


Councillor Mncedisi Qomoyi welcomed all the guests and members of the community and appreciated that his ward was part of the awareness. He encouraged people to get tested especial youth so as to know their status. He committed to have youth programmes that will assist in mitigating the challenges that are faced by youth like high rate of unemployment, high rate of crime and teenage pregnancy.


Councillor Sibha Liwani portfolio head of community services as he was chairing the session encouraged people to say no to violence.


“Youth must take control and actively discourage abusive behaviours that persist in our communities to create safe environment for everyone”. Liwana said.


Manager Community Services Ms Ncebakazi Ncarhashe presented the purpose of the awareness; she said “This awareness is held to provide support to those people who are undergoing a difficult time in their lives and to ensure that a person living with HIV and AIDS can live a positive and productive life”.


Emalahleni Local Municipality also planted seeds at Ikhwezi Lokusa S.S.S-Tsembeyi (ward 10) and at Good Samaritan HCBC-DDX (ward 11) to mark the 16 days of activities against gender based violence.


During the event all the sector department and interest groups that participated were awarded certificates of appreciation by Emalahleni Local Municipality as to encourage them to continue doing the good work and to acknowledge their efforts.


Ward Councillors of the two hosting wards commit to introduce new structures that will assist in making every day an awareness day. These were the considered structures: Youth organisations, Women forum and Men’s forum respectively working with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure that the set goals are achieve.


Ms Bomkazi Mbilini speaking on behalf of the department of health Emalahleni Sub-district  enlightened members of the community about the important issues surrounding their health and the ways of ensuring zero infection rates of HIV, TB and STI’S under the theme hands up for HIV prevention which is a theme for the world aids day 2016.


She said “People with HIV and AIDS can live healthy lives for longer if proper care and support is provided. Emotional support and a positive attitude will help you to avoid depression”.