Economic Boost for Emalahleni

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Emalahleni Local Municipality had a major boost in economic development as Elitheni coalmine made a major blast in Indwe one of the three towns of this locality. This was a historic moment in the history of the Eastern Province to have a coal blast of this magnitude.

The blast comprise of over 9000 blast holes drilled, blasting circa 10 000 square meters of ground, removing circa 250 000 tonnes of overburden rock and exposing over 25 000 tonnes of coal.

Premier Noxolo Kiviet was the guest of honour to do the count down towards the blasting minute which took place at 18H12. When speaking with the audience composed of all the structures of Emalahleni, government departments, stakeholders and members of the media that were represented in this programme said, “Let us not fight over a meatless born, this is a job creation project. You are fighting for the only employment available in your locality the municipal and government employment that cannot accommodate you all”.

“We must ensure that we send our children to school so that they may acquire the necessary skills to work in this mine. As members of this community we must be in good terms so that those who have got money can come here to invest. This is not government mine but government facilitated in ensuring that ground work is laid”, said Kiviet.

The Premier acknowledges the fact that the mine will change the people’s lives and said opportunities like this have benefits to the people that will be employed. She made a commitment when saying as government representatives their tusk entail among other things to support programmes to change the quality of life of the people and in so doing they must work with communities.

Premier Noxolo Kiviet further said, “As the Province we are no longer known as the poor province as rich as we are, we must acknowledge the fact that we are rich. Indwe now is the mining town which need to be seen as such in the years to come. Those that are aspiring to own businesses must enter in business with the view to do as they can, not more than what they are capable of doing. They must be mindful of the fact that in life there is no quick fix”.

“Instability is an obstacle to job creation and availability; we must ensure that there is stability. Let us deal with issues on a positive manner with our diverse issues as we might have different ideas. In all what we are doing let us try to find solutions”, said Kiviet Councillor Nomveliso Nyukwana Mayor Emalahleni Local Municipality said, “As Emalahleni communities we will need no judge as we will be united. We waited for this moment for a long time. Any development in this area is about us we will be the first beneficiaries even on the construction of roads, rail and other developments you may have in mind”.

Executive Mayor for Chris Hani District Municipality Mxolisi Koyo said before the blast, “As members of the trust your life style will be under scrutiny to your electorate. You must regularly report to the people. Let us be united to change this area and those that have businesses they must grab this opportunity, opportunists are required here”

Koyo indicated on political and social stability, to ensure that people of Emalahleni and Chris Hani are getting what is rightfully theirs in terms of beneficiation, skills and education, lobby for support to turn Emalahleni and Chris Hani to be a construction site and lastly that small medium enterprises and entrepreneurs as the district will support them with the necessary knowledge to understand business and to change their perception that business is about tenders as key areas the district commits to offer support with going forward.