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Nwabisa Mrwebi
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It is my humble appreciation and gesture to join the vibrancy and dynamism of Emalahleni Local Municipality. It is of great significance that Council has made two critical appointments during the fourth quarter of 2012/2013 financial year; namely the appointment of Accounting Officer and Director for Corporate Services.

As we commence with the third year into the eighteen (18) years of a democratic local government since 1995. The last eighteen years of democratic institutions of local government has experienced insurmountable challenges in terms of service delivery backlogs (water, sanitation, electricity, infrastructure and roads). In addition to this, unemployment is rife, lack of economic development focus, high levels of poverty, illiteracy and joblessness.

Emalahleni area represents an area of untapped tourism potential and opportunities for small micro medium enterprise development. Council must thus prioritise tourism and agriculture in order to improve local economic development. We are convinced that once Elitheni Coal mine at Indwe is in full operation it will bring economic spin-offs to communities of Emalahleni in terms of job creation, business opportunities and infrastructure development.

Emalahleni has many challenges dating back some three years ago for example having no Municipal Manager, Chief Financial Officer and critical line functionaries who are paramount to service delivery, organisational efficiency and administrative accountability.
Some four years ago Council took a decision to engage private developers in order to face lift our beautiful towns of Lady Frere, Dordrecht and Indwe. In the fourth quarter of 2012/2013 financial year Adzan Property Developers was appointed by Council to undertake a turnkey development for entire area of Emalahleni.

This initiative is a brain child of ELM and is supported by Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency. The turnkey development initiative packages all developmental initiatives in three towns of Emalahleni. However the commercial development project will start at Lady Frere in a phased in approach to address backlogs because the town is the most neglected rural town under Emalahleni.
Executive Committee of Council has prioritised the following projects for implementation by the commercial property developers in Lady Frere:

  • Council Chamber and Office Park
  • Housing Development
  • Shopping Complex/Mall
  • Solid Waste Management

The official launch of the commercial development project of approximately R10  Billion Rand (TEN BILLION RAND) was held on 12 July 2013 where the Municipality positioned itself as a vibrant economic hub in the Chris Hani District Municipality. Key stakeholders that included sector departments, high profile national, provincial and local political leadership of the ruling party, councillors, traditional leaders, civil society, community based organisations and non-governmental organisations, state owned enterprises, participated in the historic launch.

The Municipality through the Mayoral Outreach and public participation programmes has identified programmes and projects that will improve the lives of communities of Emalahleni. Public participation is the cornerstone of democracy as it deepens democratic participation through functional Ward Committee system. Furthermore, the municipality undertook a process of reviewing its strategic plans and policies which culminated to the following outcomes.

  • Adoption of a credible integrated development plan
  • Adoption of a cash-backed budget that is responsive to priorities of communities.
  • Adoption of Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plans
  • Adoption Procurement plans
  • Adoption of a policy development framework for review and adoption of policies.
  • Review of critical policies as required in terms of the legislation.
  • Review and configuration of the municipality’s organogram (staff establishment) (high level political and administrative structures).
  • Adoption of systems of delegation of powers

Council will in the first quarter of 2013/2014 financial year develop a long term strategy (road map or master plan) that will be aligned to the District and Provincial long term visions as well as National Development Plan.
We acknowledge the key challenges facing our Municipality in terms of non-compliance with legislative parameters for example:

Under expenditure in terms of Municipal Infrastructure Grant.

No response to the Auditor-General’s management letter by the municipality.

Overriding and manipulation of existing internal controls.

  • Non compliance with supply chain management processes which resulted to fraud, corruption and mismanagement.
  • Low revenue collection due to non existence of revenue enhancement strategy
  • Non existence of performance management system and lack of accountability.
  • Poor records management system and other important information in the municipality.
  • Disclaimer audit opinion due to non submission of required information by auditors.
  • Low staff morals, poor work ethics and ill-discipline employees due to subjective implementation of Council policies.
TopFunctional Responsibilities
  • Public Participation;
  • Ward Committee functioning;
  • Community Development Worker (through CDW functioning);
  • Twinning relations between Emalahleni Local Municipality and Dordrecht Municipality (Netherlands);
  • Communications (Internal and external);
  • Special Programmes;
  • Internal Audit;
  • Intergovernmental Relations;
  • Legal and compliance management;
  • Internal and External Service Delivery; and
  • IDP and Performance Management
  • IDP Coordination